bigstock-Group-of-business-people-worki-25535450“I’d recommend Pitch Perfected to any organisation looking for a consultancy who will really get into how the sales processes work in their business and partner with their sales team to coach them in how they deliver success.” Owner, Security Services

“We embarked on a programme of sales improvement which is delivering fantastic results. With their help we have visualised and developed a coherent and structured sales strategy. What can I say; their sales and business expertise is clear, the style is relaxed yet very incisive and they’re a pleasure to work with. The return on our investment can be measured in weeks!” – Manager, Aerospace Component Manufacturer

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful training that you put on last week. It was more valuable than every other sales training course I have ever taken, and I can see the true value of the workshop and it’s philosophies, that will propel my sales career.” Sales Executive – Business Services

“The course and facilitator were great. I have already used some of the techniques in sales calls and one in particular that looked like it was going to be lost has now swung in our favour – Thanks.” Salesperson, Healthcare Products

“I was blown away with this program! Our instructor did an outstanding job of describing and outlining the importance of developing a strategy and playing to your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. There is no doubt that my perception on capturing a sale, based on a strategic plan, has totally changed due to the information he provided us in this course. Excellent job!” Salesperson, Financial Services

“I have 32 years of sales experience and this was the best sales training I have attended. The instructor was outstanding!” Sales Vice President, Technology- Software

“The instructor was incredible! Understood our business, needs and desires. Made the class very interactive and engaging. Kept us attentive and alert. He knows how to manage a sales crowd!” Salesperson, Electronics

“I’ve attended many sales trainings and have been assigned sales mentoring in the past and I’ve never received such a high level of information in such a short period of time. This program pointed out severe holes in my sales techniques and I can now look back on several lost opportunities and learn from them. I was highly impressed with the lack of “padding” in the presented material. I also found the teaming and group assignments valuable by reinforcing the verbal and written instruction. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable of the source material and easily fielded our questions without the need to “get back to us later.” Salesperson, Technology

“I thought the course was excellent and will (already is) adding real value to my day-to-day responsibilities in the sales function at [my company]. The content of the programme was excellent as was the workbook and text books. Our instructor was well prepared and was able to relay real examples to add credibility and rigour behind his facilitation.” Salesperson, Services-Industrial

“I’ve attended many courses in my long career –rarely has an instructor been so insightful and helpful – I honestly can’t think of a single area for improvement.” Salesperson, Business Services – Information Management

“We operated with an extremely short time frame between pre-course work and actual session. Our facilitator did a great job of working through each section of the training with our team, and working at our pace of learning. Fantastic job!” Sales Director, Technology – Services