But it doesn’t need to be hard. Sales is a unique role within the organisation.  Sales people are often the voice of the organisation, the people visible on the perimeter of the organisation, the people delivering our messages and driving our growth – so it is imperative that organisations invest in making their sales people efficient.  Fantastic and consistent sales people can be grown and developed, they don’t just happen.

Trust 1At Pitch Perfected, we cover all aspects of the sales process:

1.  Sales Recruitment

Do you know what factors predict the best sales performance?  We do.  We have all the psychological research and resources to help you minimise the risk in investing in the wrong sales people.  And as a hint, it is not necessarily the loud, chatty, overtly confident person we so often think of when we think of sales people.

Getting your recruitment right is the beginning of your sales excellence journey.

2.  The Sales Mindset

Sales is a motivationally challenging role and this is a fact which is so often ignored within organisations pushing for growth.  Sales people have daily challenges around their target achievement, being rejected by prospects, losing customers, being viewed negatively by the outside world (Gareth Cheeseman, anyone?), feelings of insecurity if they’ve had a ‘bad month’ and constant change in products, markets and competitor offerings.

Pitch Perfected recognise that the mindset of the high performing sales person is a very specific state and it is also one that can be learned – it is not a personality feature, it is a way of thinking that anyone can learn.  Using Occupational Psychologists and robust psychological research, we systematically train sales people to be persistent and resilient in their sales outlook and the result is sales productivity increases,  and they are ready to face the variety of challenges they will inevitably face in their everyday role.

3.  The Sales Process

The next part of the journey takes on the actual job itself – what is the best way to gain new accounts?  What is the best way to grow and maintain accounts?  How do I make the sales process as efficient as possible with quick wins and quick losses?

Pitch Perfected use world class techniques, usually reserved for the world’s largest organisations, to effectively sell to senior decision makers, shorten the sales cycle and learn a language to quickly and decisively discuss deals.  The technique is formatted and formulaic, offering structure to the sales process but allowing each sale to have a clear strategy and easily actioned plan with absolutely no luck involved.

Our Courses

  • How to recruit the right sales people – minimise costly mistakes
  • Taking the Knocks – the Sales Mindset.  Learning persistence and resilience in sales.
  • Fundamentals Of Selling
  • Secure That Appointment
  • Professional Consultative Selling
  • Selling In A Complex Account
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Engaging Sales Presentations
  • Coaching For Success
  • Effective Sales Management
  • Winning Proposals

We Consult

  • Pipeline Funnel and Forecasting
  • Sales Metrics & KPI’s
  • Rewards & Compensation
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Get in touch and we can diagnose and discuss your exact requirements and the best course of action to get you the results you need.