Sales is not easy.challenge 1
Sales excellence isn’t born.
It doesn’t happen by accident.
And there is no such thing as luck.

As a business leader you must constantly focus on driving success. As a business leader your sales presence – be that just you or five hundred people strong – is the growth engine of your business. This engine, like any engine, needs regular care and attention or else you run an increasing risk of a breakdown.

Consistent, repeated, word class sales performance demonstrated by the most successful organisations is the result of a combination of mind-set, people, process and methodology supported by systems and enabled by tools, but how do you as a smaller business access them?

That is the challenge Pitch Perfected was set up to address – how can smaller scale businesses either at the most delicate stage of their growth cycle or wishing to expand their footprint gain access to proven, world class sales development process and methodologies to ensure that any investment in their sales development is sound.

Smaller businesses have the same complex market challenges that larger organisations have, but with one or two major differences.  No business can ‘afford’ failed investment, but smaller organisations are disproportionately affected by wasted training investments in terms of profitability.

When it comes to ‘sales’ in smaller organisations there are often two dynamics in play:

1. As smaller companies scale past start-up, the owners/business leaders find their time more and more dominated by running the business and they have less and less time to actually drive revenue themselves.

This creates a complex series of supplemental problems,  firstly sales recruitment decisions are difficult, expensive and time consuming and potentially devastating if a mistake is made.

  • How will you know if you are recruiting well?
  • What measures will you use?
  • How will you reward performance for an individual that is less emotionally invested in your business?
  • How will you ensure that the credibility, trust and belief you have established in your market will be safeguarded by your sales person/team?

2.  The second dynamic is where a business has grown through this adolescent stage and is seeking the next phase in growth. Ask yourself this question;

If you wanted to grow your revenues by 20% over the next two years what would you do?

This is a different challenge from a sales standpoint. Your sales engine has got to where you are and that’s sort of as far as it is going to get. If it was going to get further it would already have done so. What does this mean? It means if you carry on doing this year what you did last year, then broadly speaking you will enjoy similar results. It means for accelerated growth you now have to look outside yourself and into your sales gene pool in terms of it’s capability, competency and skills, and they need to be expanded without losing the ethical heart of your original vision.

So, you want growth. You need to expand your sales capability, but you MUST ensure that any investment you make is sound, proven and effective.

This is where we come in.

We make it possible for you to access these globally proven, world class sales processes and methodologies being used by the most successful organisations and make them part of your business DNA.

You can engage with us privately to build a custom programme for your business or you can attend one of our public workshops held regularly across the region. However you choose to engage we give you the confidence that your sales team have the capability to operate at optimum performance and provide a sound basis for continued, year on year growth.